Recently, I was able to catch up to Takecommand. He said that the "wiki may move" and that "we may get a new format". Here's the full interview:

So, TC you said something about a new format?


What is that new format?

Version 1.1.5.

What's different?

Well, the main page will be reconstructed to have a more-wiki feeling. Version 1.1.4 didn't please me that much; there were much errors in the HTML system. However, that doesn't put a damper on anything. Plus, we'll be adding many more policies, and a new look. Currently, we want everyone who views this to go to their user preferences and change they skin to "Monobook" to get the full wiki.

How about moving? What's that about?

While Wikia is a good provider here, I do not like their format. I really want to go to Wikkii or MediaWiki. Either way, we might move. Even though I've been using Wikia since February 12, 2011, if the format doesn't change...I'm gone.

Okay, thanks for coming here.

No, thank you.