The military is the main combat faction of the Nasi's. It concludes of 15 million soldiers.


13 million soldiers
321 MBT 1 Tanks
145 MBT 2 Tanks
52  MBT Advanced Tanks
29  Generals

The Army is the main and top organization of the Nasi's. Estimates put the total number of soldiers between 13 and 16 million soldiers.

According to the MegaWarpedia Release report on April 25, 2011, their army also has 35 "Elite" soldiers, made into 2 platoons.

They have 10,000 legions with 1,500 soldiers in each legion.


1 million soldiers
4 Dark-class Aircraft Carriers
9 Boom-class Destroyers
14 Destruct-class Cruisers
24 Transport-class Transports/Battleships/Frigates
51 Torpedo-class Submarines

The Navy is the 3rd and least "popular" of all the sections of the Nasi Military. It consits of a low number of just around 50 surface ships. Jack Kayner, who founded the Navy deemed the need for surface ships "low" and did not spend much money buying/acquiring ships. However, he, in 'Directive No. 1', gave the Navy orders to if ever come by an enemy ship and capture it, put it to use. There is 5 squads in the Navy, each split up with 10 ships in them. 1 ship, the Revenge stays mostly as an emergency ship and is exluded in any squad.

Air ForceEdit

1 million soldiers
1675 F1 Fighters
1401 TEF Fighters
1156 D91 Bombers
1101 TEF Interceptors
956 TEF Bombers
619 TEF Transports
412 F2 Fighters
266 D92 Heavy Bombers
34 D93 Long-Range Bombers
1 Z6 Flying Fortress

The Air Force is the second most important section of the Nasi Military, and consists of 7,620 aircraft, though it has 1 million soldiers, but only 89,000 active and the rest in flight school. The Air Force consists of 1,900 squadrons with 4 plane's in each one. The Air Force has one flying fortress, the Big Boom.


  • During the 1920s, the Air Force only consisted of 200 planes.
  • A expected load of nearly 1500 new aircraft is expected to come in April 29, 2011.
  • Each month, 78 tanks, 298 plane's and nearly 12 ships are made. However, from March - April, the number of ships made dropped from 16 to 12 ships, due to the closing of Klick Shipyards Inc.