Battle of Afent
Part of the War on Insurgents
Date May 21-May 23, 2011
Location Americo
Status Ongoing
Americo Insurgents
Commanders and leaders
style="width:50%; border-right:1px dotted #aaa;"Bob Earnst

Kyle Deffel

Tyler Black

Lesley al-Debt
90 police

500 soldiers

94 elite troops

Casualties and losses

33 killed

21 wounded

12 elite troops killed

39 killed

171 captured

104 wounded

23 civilians killed. A little over 500 taken hostage.
*Insurgent strength is an estimate.

The Battle of Afent was a battle in Afent,Americo, where 1,000 insurgents took over the Alent High School and took 500-510 students and teachers hostage. They remained in control of the school for only 6 hours though, and by May 23, 2011, the school was clear of insurgents, though there was an estimated US$150,000 dollars in damage.

Takeover Edit

Students were dropped off from the buses at 7:53am. The bell to start school rang at 9:08pm, just when 60 insurgents began firing at security officers, killing 3 and wounding another one. One managed to escape.

150 more insurgents arrived later at 9:15am, barricaded the school, locked the doors, set up booby traps and took all 500 people there at the time hostage. At about 9:17am, police received a call from the school and rushed 9 units (90 police) over there. The insurgents returned fire on police, bur did not hit any police.

Soldiers' were notified about the problem at about 9:30am and the Americoan army sent 500 troops and 94 elite troops over.

Raid Edit

At 10:00am, Americoan soldiers began raiding the compound, destroying the barricade. They continued up the main stairwell where they were stopped by fierce resistance. Hundreds of gunfire poured out in every direction. 19 soldiers were hit.

Meanwhile, Americoan elite troops began attacking the gym.

Battle for the Gym Edit

Insurgent Force: 500
Americoan Force: 94 
Insurgent Casualties: 49
Americoan Casualties: 10
Time: 10:23am-10:49am

Americoan Elite troops (AET) began raiding the gym. However, the AET's were unable to break through the tough insurgent wall, so they began firing RPG's at the blockade, effectively making a hole, allowing AET's to pass through. The gym, which was about 85 yards long, was soon taken over, but the insurgents ran out to the nearby track and playground and took up cover there. From there, insurgents could fire heavy machine guns at the school while facing no threat.

End Edit

At 11:00am, the insurgents began evacuating the school, taking cover in a nearby hill where a series of 14 underground bunkers connected, making the Sandy Hill Bunker Network. The bunkers ran for 4 miles before coming out in the nearby town of Johsonville. All of the school was secured by 11:30am, though their was still a stronghold of 25 insurgents in Room 192 in on the first floor. The door was locked and barricaded, so the police cut through the door and entered. The insurgents repelled the attack, but were forced to surrender two days later.